Welcome to the Home Page of the 1st Galway St Joseph’s Scout Group!

Located at the heart of Galway City, the 1st Galway St. Joseph’s is an active outdoor organisation that aims to give young people a chance to experience the great outdoors and learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership and self sufficiency through the most enjoyable environment. We cater for young people from the age of 6 to 26, for boys and girls, and have regular meeting and events for all.

Scouting is split up into 5 youth sections as follows:

  • Beavers : For ages 6 to 8 , this is the youngest section in scouting and gives boys and girls and chance to get a flavour scouting in a fun, friendly and safe way.
  • Cubs : For ages 9 to 11, Cubs continue from Beavers getting a wider experience of all things scouting learn to be more independent.
  • Scouts: For ages 11 to 15, scouts take a good step from Cubs and really become teams that are able to manage to live and enjoy the outdoors with Leaders only guiding and assisting when needed.
  • Ventures: For Ages 15 to 17, the sky is almost the limit as to what Ventures can plan and do for themselves. They do all kinds of fun and exciting activities and have a fantastic time in the outdoors.
  • Rovers: For ages 18 to 26, Rovers manage themselves planning and doing practically anything that crosses their mind. This is the last stage is the youth sections and is certainly something every young adult could do with experiencing.

Meeting Times:

  • Beavers: Monday Evenings, 7pm – 8pm
  • Cubs: Tuesday Evenings, 7pm – 8.3opm
  • Scouts: Thursday Evenings, 7pm – 8.45pm
  • Ventures & Rovers: Ventures normally meet on Friday evenings, the Rovers do not have set meeting times but organise meetings themselves. Please Contact Us if you have interest in these sections.


You can join as a youth member at any age, you do not need to start at the beginning to continue to the end  ( Indeed, most scouts do not! ). Also, for adults aged 18 and upwards, you have the opportunity to become a Leader and guide young people of today, the future of tomorrow through the scouting process, This truly is a most rewarding experience.

For more information on any of the sections or on the 1st Galway, please see the relevant tabs. It’s never too late to become involved in Scouting and we always welcome new members. Looking Forward to seeing you in the First Galway!