Gear list for camp RenvilHi All, Anyone with a cub camping this weekend please come down to den at 8.15pm tomorrow for a run through.Especially cubs who are camping for the first time.We will have time to address any questions in den before the camp but are busy when onsite.

Location: Renville Park, Oranmore.


Time: Meet Friday 6pm at the Castle in Renville Park, collect same location Sunday 12:30

Follow directions above: suggest you park in carpark nearest marina and walk into park from there.

Fee: fee is €40 payable tomorrow night (in envelope with childs name) this includes van hire. Any under-spend will be credited to your childs next activity

Teams to Load & Unload Trailer.

We need 5 parents to load trailer on Friday (4.30-5.00 for 15 minutes) and another 5 to unload back at the Den on Sunday 1:30.

The cubs are physically limited in the lifting they can do.

The scouters are doing a lot of lifting at site + putting up camp on friday and packing up camp on Sunday, physical help at the Den is needed.

Medications: we need a medication form completed to accompany any medication your child needs and the medication labelled with your childs name. This must be given to leader on Friday. If your child uses an inhaler infrequently please complete the form and bring the inhaler; a long camp in the outdoors, lack of sleep and pollen all contribute to more frequent wheezing.
Gear list attached.
Rainwear: The weather forecast includes rain so they will need a jacket, waterproof pants if they have them and robust shoes, boots, wellies for a rainy day.

  • See list of gear attached; suggest a set of clothes per day on camp and always a spare set
  • No phones / electronic games / money / expensive jerseys / valuables allowed
  • Label / name everything especially eating equipment, neckerchief labels, torches, drink bottle, sleeping bags things will get mixed up.
  • Cubs should lay out all their kit first then Pack into a back pack (school bag with shoulder straps)
  • Hat /raingear and warm clothes as cubs will be outdoors 90% of the day plus it will be dewy in the mornings and cold in evenings
  • Spare footwear and extra socks it is miserable to have one pair of wet runners
  • Camps always start and finish in full uniform
  • Extra blanket for night.

Consent forms/contact details

  • Have your contact details changed since you completed the consent form in September..have you moved? have you a new phone number? have we both guardians details? Unless you have indicated they have a food allergy any claims of being allergic to vegetables will be taken as “dislike”.

Lastly we cannot as scouters transport cubs in our cars for child protection rules nor are we covered under scouting ireland insurance for transport to and from events.

It is different in emergency situations during an event. If you decide to car pool that is an agreement between guardians. Will keep you updated on changes to weather forecast later in week.

Thanks Mairead, Claire, Jeff, Neil, Patrick, Pete, Xavie

Gear list for camp Renville