Uniform Nights:

Here is the list of Uniform Nights for the scout section:

Uniform Nights

Gear Lists:

Camp Personal Gear List

Day Hike Personal Gear List

Overnight Hike Personal Gear List

If you have any questions about the gear or where best to get it, please ask one of the leaders.


Scout Personal Badgebook: The Spirit of Adventure

Adventure Skills Handbook: Adventure Skills

Special Interest Badges Overview: Scout Special Interest Badges

Special Interest Badge Template: SIB Planner

Chief Scout Award for Scouts Overview: Scouts CSA

Chief Scout Award Manual: CSA Manual

Uniform Diagram – Where to Place your Badges:

Scouts Uniform

Handy Extra Bits:

Patrol Logs

Pioneering Projects

Morse Code

Ground to Air Signals

Building a Stretcher

A Few Good Knots

The Giant Camp Out

Extra Resources on the Scout Team Website: